How Did We Get Here?

We are three corporate America veterans who share the audacious belief of people above everything; that an organization's employees are indeed its most treasured asset.   We have worked for various organizational giants who also proclaim to operate according to this ideal; however, we found that many of them painfully miss the mark and what’s worse is that most are blissfully unaware that their internal cultures and external brands are not aligned.  When we shared our experiences with each other as well as our friends, family and other business associates, we found this disparity to be quite commonplace.  We heard countless stories of broken employee experiences – corporate culture misalignment, disenchanted and disengaged employees, inexperienced leadership and lack of training – the list was endless and quite discouraging. Our mission became clear; it was our calling to transform this narrative. As People Leaders in our corporate lives, we were revered for our approaches to leadership, diversity and people development. Collectively, we have won many awards for demonstrating this leadership through ethics, teamwork, and accountability for people results. We knew that we had to use these gifts to help organizations shift their people problems into profits.  Thus, Peopabilities was born.


Our vision is that companies will treat culture as a commitment, not just a word.