Meet Our Culture Stategist - Shundrika A. Williams

As Culture Strategist, Shundrika’s mission is to help organizations create a space for mindfulness and professional fulfillment that fosters a culture of well-being and connectedness. 


As an undergraduate student, Shundrika's interest in people led her to study Psychology. where she also served as a Resident Assistant to over 400 students and the Chapter President of her Business fraternity. Shundrika fed her insatiable interest globally by spending time in Costa Rica to study people, behavior, and culture.

After spending several years driving HR initiatives for top-level organizations she realized here was a gap in her knowledge for business acumen as it related to managing humans so she decided to obtain her Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management. She quickly began to realize very distinct similarities from both degree programs. That’s when she had her “Aha” moment! Regardless of race, religion, social status or profession,  All humans want to feel like they are connected to something greater and that their contributions matter and are acknowledged- it's just that simple.  


She has made it her mission to empower people and organizations to leverage the power of mindfulness to create lives and organizations worth living for. Shundrika is the Co-Founder of Peopabilites, Founder and Transformational Coach at Vitality Village, Inc. and a Senior Human Resources and Information Systems Analyst for a Healthcare organization in Atlanta, Ga. 

#Themindfulnessmovement Create a Culture Worth Living For.