Meet Our People Strategist - Nalani M. York 

If there’s one thing Nalani York is truly passionate about, it’s the power of people. She recognized the impact of fostering and developing human talent at a young age. Her parents led by example, always striving to be better, encouraging Nalani to do the same. She realized that with the correct guidance and support, what an individual had the ability to accomplish was limitless. Nalani started her journey by completing her BA in Communications from California State University, Long Beach, followed by her MSc in Human Resources from Troy University.


With her education complete, Nalani set out to find people-focused opportunities to apply her passion. After 20 years in customer service and relationship management, she has more than proven her talent for turning people problems into profits. Realizing the significance of the employee experience and how it affects organizations, Nalani acted by changing the essence of work helping organizations navigate through their toughest people and culture problems.


Combining her skills with those of her extraordinary colleagues, Shundrika Williams and Tiffany Frasier, Nalani co-founded Peopabilities, empowering companies to do more for their people. Inspired by people and their endless possibilities, Nalani’s core purpose is to help companies evolve their employee experience, enabling a more productive connection between employers and employees. As People Strategist, Nalani’s mission is to revolutionize how companies approach human capital and transform organizations into becoming employers of choice.