We can help change your culture. Seriously.


We know what you’re thinking. “We hire this company, they do an assessment with our staff, everyone identifies themselves as a lion, cheetah or some other animal  and they leave.” WRONG. Well, kind of.


We do assess your organization because it's necessary to understand what the issues are before we are able to provide a recommendation. Based on the need and objectives of your organization, we will offer the best solutions to resolve your people problems.


How do we do it?

Not So “Worky” Workshops:


We will NOT, we repeat, WILL NOT force your leaders to sit in a conference room all day, watch a PowerPoint presentation and complete a worksheet that will be lost before the end of the quarter. Our programs are designed to engage leaders, get a true understanding of the challenges that are being faced and provide guidance to resolve those challenges.  We will help you build the culture that you have always dreamed about. 


Eliminating Organizational Conflict

We offer conflict resolution sessions on the following hot topics

  • Multi-generational
  • Inter-departmental

  • Moral conflict  

  • Fierce conversations

We Work to Identify the Four I’s

  • Insights - Clear understanding of your employees needs and emotions

  • Impact - Clear focus on the resulting business impact

  • Issues - What’s getting in the way?  What can be improved?

  • Innovate - Exploring new, fresh ways to build organization of your dreams


Here we go again with the word “Culture” Solutions:  

Tired of hearing the word culture? Us too...we just haven’t found a better word to use as of yet, but stay tuned! Regardless, we want you to have a better understanding of the thoughts and feelings of your employees as it relates to their roles in the organization, their interactions with the co-workers and their feelings about both.

  • Understanding Your Truth

    • Employee surveying  

    • Breakout sessions

  • Accepting Accountability  

    • Leadership Discovery - Walk the Talk of Change  

    • Leadership Breakthrough  

      • Charity starts at home and spreads abroad

  • Do we change or do we transform?

    • Package pricing

    • The mystery shopper (undercover boss)  

  • The Strategy and the Execution

    • Assessments

    • Communication Planning

    • Individual, Leadership and Organizational Coaching

      • Employee profiling  

    • Continuous Support